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Comunita' Montana del Pinerolese

The Mountain Community “Pinerolese” is a union of 32 municipalities in the Chisone, Germanasca and Pellice and foothill area around Pinerolo brings together in a single entity from 1 January 2010, three former Mountain Communities Chisone and Germanasca Pellice and Pinerolese Pedemontano.


It is located in the heart of the Hautes Alpes : to the west there is France, north of Val Susa , south of the Po Valley and the plains to the east of Turin : the area includes the mountainous relief which affect the maximum height of m . 3,280 ( Punta Rognosa ) while the minimum altitude is m. 261.


These Mountain Community is delegated to the svolgimenti many services in the field of supra-municipal , what are the social services, the management and maintenance of the territory , the activities of aid to new enterprises and the promotion of tourism and cultural territory.


The promotion of culture , tourism and sport, three fundamental elements for the development of the territories , are the focus of activities:



The present territory of the valleys of Pinerolo comes from thousands of years of relations between people and the environment: a detailed view of the vast heritage cultural tourism of the area can be found at this website: www.pinerolovalli-artecultura.it


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